Complete Resident Communication Systems

SEDCO Aged Care Systems are simple and intuitive to use. As too much obvious technology can worry elderly residents SEDCO systems have been designed to seamlessly incorporate in to any living environment without trailing wires or obtrusive units.

SEDCO Aged Care Systems provide;

  • Residents Independence
  • Peace of Mind for Residents and loved ones.
  • Ease of use
  • Reliable communication to maintain patient respect and dignity.
  • Vital Support to Staff allowing higher levels of service
  • Important Management Information for staff and resource planning

Resident care and staff efficiency are enhanced by identifying not only the resident but the urgency and location of the call.This means that the right staff arrive fully prepared to provide the appropriate care.

SEDCO provides customisable platforms and systems. This means that the SEDCO system will be tailored around your specific requirements and can be configured to grow and expand its capabilities in line with technological advances and changing customer needs.

SEDCO Aged Care Systems cover a complete spectrum of options to provide intelligent protection for vulnerable people. Products such as RF wireless pendant location and staff mobility solutions allowing alerts on devices.

SedCARE 7000 Controller

The SedCARE7000 Controller is a fully integrated economical staff call system. Its numerous inputs and many features provide the SedCARE7000 Controller with a high degree of flexibility and functionality.

The SedCARE 7000can be rack or wall mounted.

Dementia Management System

SedCARE Dementia Management System integrates with movement sensors for non-intrusive monitoring and care of residents suffering from confusion as a result of Alzheimer’s or other dementia disorders. The SedCARE system allows high levels of care and peace of mind while maintaining residents dignity and independence. Using SedCARE Dementia Management System you can achieve higher levels of care and safety with fewer resources allowing staff to focus on other areas of care.

Dementia Management Module (DMM)

  • Door, Room PIR and Ensuite PIR input
  • Bed wet sensor input
  • Bed exit sensor input
  • Outputs to over door lights
  • Outputs for door latches
  • Outputs for bedside lamp/light &ensuite light
  • Relay outputs for interface into any nurse call system
  • RS485 Network output for interface into nurse call systems
  • Data output for management reporting
  • Programmable entry/exit delays on sensors
  • Programmable settings for automatic room activation
  • Lifeboat mode – operates in standalone situations

SedCARE Control Centre software

SedCARE Control Centre is the main hub of the system. It provides complete call logging, call history, detailed reporting and alarm outputs to various devices (RF paging, DECT, SMS and WAP). It also contains a comprehensive resident database.

Key Features

Full resident details including:

  • Resident photograph in BMP format
  • Location
  • Phone numbers
  • Full personal details
  • Languages spoken
  • Medical details
  • Next of kin
  • Medical practitioner
  • Healthcare number
  • Integrated radio paging for automated call dispatch.
  • Integrated in-house radio paging (optional transmitter and pagers required).
  • SMS & wide area paging interface (via modem).
  • Flexible paging groups and rosters.
  • Unique priorities, each with assignable sounds using Wave files.
  • Append a note on call activity.
  • Individual user logins with five access levels.
  • Comprehensive reporting and call history search facility.