Disabled Toilet Kit

The Disabled Toilet Kit is cost effective, easy to install and complies with AS3811 standards. This kit allows any provider of a public toilet to comply with a means of communication if a patron requires assistance.  The Kit combines the latest technology with simple, easy to use features to provide quality care and reliable performance, operating an effective alarm system for a disabled toilet.  Both an audible and visual alarm combined with relay outputs that can be used to provide remote alarms or integrate easily.  A monitored battery backup feature that allows the unit to operate for a limited time in the event of mains failure gives essential peace of mind and safety in a power outage.

Reduced Cost of Installation and Commissioning

Sedco Kits contain all the parts required to install an effective alarm system and are designed to be easy to install and commission.  We also have kits suited for small clinics and school sick bays.

Kits available in different versions

  • Effective audible and visual alarms
  • Low battery and alarm relay outputs
  • Monitored battery backup


Easy to Identify and Use

These Sedco Kits are easy to install and set up. They have been designed to work in a variety of environments including corporate, education, leisure, community and healthcare. These Kits provide individuals with the ability to be more independent knowing that help and support is only a call away.

Each kit features audible and visual alarms and integrated relay outputs that can be used to provide remote alarms, monitoring, paging and logging if required.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 24V DC 2A
Standby Current 15mA
Max Current 300mA
Outputs Dual relay outputs rated at
6A 24VDC/120VAC
Termination Screw Terminal
Battery Backup at 300mA 10 mins
Battery Backup at 15mA 1 Hour
Low Battery alarm volt
age level
Temperature 0-50˚C
Humidity Range 0-85% Non-Condensing

Designed to comply with:

• AS 3811:1998 Hard-wired patient alarm systems for hospitals.
• AS 2999:1989 Alarm systems for the elderly and other persons at risk.
• HTM 08-03: Bedhead services.
• C-Tick Electromagnetic compatibility.
• CE Mark of European Conformity.
Manufactured in general accordance with the requirements of international quality assurance standard ISO9002.