Complete Patient and Hospital Communication Systems

SEDCO Nurse Call takes into account the requirements of; Clinical Staff, Technical Staff, Management & Administrators to deliver a system which:

  • Enables effective patient interactions and care
  • Provides management information
  • Allows for future upgrades and expansion
  • Reduce and Manage Risk
  • Is robust and reliable
  • Lower Cost of Ownership

SEDCO has the capacity to integrate technologies into the one platform.

This means that SEDCO systems provide the robustness of traditional systems along with the functional flexibility that allows for active communication, interactive patient monitoring and efficient management.

MCV e-7000 Nurse Call System

The SEDCO MCV e-7000 Controller is a fully integrated economical nurse call system. Its numerous inputs and many features provide the Controller with a high degree of flexibility and functionality.

The controller can be rack or wall mounted

Message Centre Pro software

Message Centre Professional (MCP) is a paging platform produced by SEDCO Communications offering a cost-effective solution for your organization’s communications requirements. MCP utilises proven communication technologies developed by SEDCO and incorporates an intuitive interface and support for our next generation hardware platforms.

MCP is based on client/server architecture using TCP/IP for network communications. Typical systems consist of an MCP Server connected to communications systems via TCP or serial and client/viewers installed on remote computers via LAN.

The server provides a central point for all inputs and outputs to the local systems. Once an input is received from a nurse call, fire, security or building management system, the event is logged, displayed and optionally sent to the local communication systems for notification.

SEDCOMap software

SEDCOMap is a call notification and allocation platform, providing a visual display of call events throughout the facility. Each call event can appear on a map of the facility allowing users to quickly identify calls and where they originate.

Response times can, therefore, be greatly improved. The software can map any input system to a location for display.

There are two products available for displaying calls:

    SEDCOMap Viewer

Used for display on a large screen format and requires no user control (Software 0nly)

    SEDCOMap Allocator

Provides users with a touchscreen interface for nurse allocation. (Supplied on 19” touchscreen)

    SEDCOMap Designer

SEDCOMap Designer provides an intuitive interface for creation of the maps for SEDCOMap products. It allows quick creation of locations with copy and paste. This application is used by people involved in commissioning of new sites.

Key Features

  • Touch screen user interface
  • Two call display options
  • Zone Map – Provides a floor plan graphic of the zone with current call locations overlapping.
  • Optionally show either display option or both simultaneously
  • Calls not mapped to a location are always visible in the call summary view.
  • Simple touch screen nurse allocation
  • View a different area of the map by simply dragging the touch screen with your finger.
  • Simple touch screen nurse allocation
  • Company logo displayed when no call active.