Do you have an existing Sedco system and your needs have changed or grown?

SEDCO was established in 1969 and have many installations still in day to day use that have given over twenty years of reliable service.  As technology and needs change facilities require to upgrade and update their communication system.  Whether it is to comply with new Health and Safety legislation or simply an extension has been added, with SEDCO you can upgrade your old system without having to completely remove the entire system.  Every customers needs are unique and SEDCO has a nationwide network of partners who are experts in installing and maintaining SEDCO products.  Please contact us and we will be able to advise who your local partner is.  Our partners will be more than happy to make an appointment to discuss your needs, arrange a site visit (where required) and advise what options you have. 

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Complete Patient and Hospital Communication Systems

SEDCO Nurse Call takes into account the requirements of; Clinical Staff, Technical Staff, Management & Administrators to deliver a system which:

  • Enables effective interaction and care
  • Provides management information
  • Allows for future upgrades and expansion
  • Reduce and Manage Risk
  • Is robust and reliable
  • Lower Cost of Ownership

SEDCO has the capacity to integrate technologies into the one platform.

This means that SEDCO systems provide the robustness of traditional systems along with the functional flexibility that allows for active communication, interactive monitoring and efficient management.